Manage data for increased profit

BluESP MES Solutions:

Collect, store and utilise data for trending and reporting

  • Effectively manage data in real-time.
  • Integrated analysis with all process and production data.
  • Visualize data anytime & anywhere (tablets, smartphone, laptop).
  • Make better & faster business decisions.
  • Improve Production Execution to higher profitability.
  • Aggregated process, production and business information.
  • Automated audit and compliance processes.

Powerful calculation and reporting solution for metal accounting and other reporting needs

  • The EOR solution is well geared to channel accounting and other data across entire organizations in order to be able to report as “one version of the truth” with detailed accuracy.
  • Data-driven architecture with a flexible data model that can adapt to the needs of any operation.
  • Security enriched interactive dashboards are fast, graphical screens to make KPI information available to the users.
  • The EOR supports a three-tier security model based on authentication, role and object.
  • A rich portal visualization solution for process industry applications which aggregates information from many sources and simplifies user access to information.

Complete solution to manage plant delays for organisations

  • Monitor tags to start and stop delays on the MES system.
  • Categories plant delays according to 4 user defined levels
  • Automatic and manual delays are possible
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is calculated and stored on the MES.
  • BluDowntime not only provides the business with an effective and configurable application to monitor and manage plant delays but also can update the ERP system with notifications and reconciled delays data.
  • Various Downtime reports provided

Fully integrated weighbridge solution for all products received, dispatched and weighed internal to your organization.

  • Fully scalable solution to weigh material/products
  • Weighing process of each truck according to predefined contract requirements with the customer’s suppliers and haulers.
  • Multiple weighbridges can be controlled by a single operator station or from multiple stations.
  • Full transactional data. Each transaction across a weighbridge is documented with a printout which is presented to the driver for signature and used as an official document between the customer’s company and the vendor.

Solution for managing assets and operations effectively to ensure cost efficiency

BluESP’s BluEquip solution enables customers to:

  • Capture needed running hour information and notification information from plant control systems.
  • Store and manage the running hours and notifications from the control system according to the tag records and functional locations as setup in the ERP system.
  • The equipment records can be configured to have scheduled and/or change of state activation to calculate and upload the running hour and notifications to the ERP system.